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ADHD slots available in July 2024 with an associate and autism slots available on 8th and 15th July 2024. Thereafter September 2024.
Please note: i) this is a diagnosis service, not a prescription service. Although, we do have links to prescribers -- at additional cost;
ii) Post-diagnosis, prescribers have a two to three month waiting list.


Bebb Psychology

& Associates


Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)


"Thank you all for everything and encouraging me to be me... for helping me understand my childhood. You’re so thorough, it's great and I know it's an accurate result."

Autism or ADHD: they help to define who you are. Yet, for many, it is the diagnosis that is the first step towards harnessing how your condition can work for you.


Applying unique, highly experienced and dedicated expertise in ADHD and ASC diagnosis.


Providing the latest evidence-based diagnosis for the successful recognition of ADHD and ASC.


Offering strategies for managing ADHD at work or in different settings.


Specialising in ADHD and ASC diagnosis since 2013 to help hundreds of people find their way so that they can flourish and succeed.

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