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About Me

My name is Dr Katie Bebb and I am a Clinical Psychologist, based in Reading, Berkshire, with a specialist interest in neurodevelopmental conditions and adults with acquired neurological conditions. Coming from a family with neurodevelopmental conditions, it was watching the successful application of techniques to manage ADHD without medication that inspired me to study psychology and find out how these people who never met us, could write such useful books. I studied undergraduate psychology at Royal Holloway University, an MSc in Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry and completed my training in Clinical Psychology at Oxford University.


About the Team

We are a small team of four part time clinical psychologists and two part time Speech and Language Therapist plus a part time Occupational Therapist. We are currently offering diagnostic assessments and a limited amount of coaching.

Due to the increasing awareness of neurodevelopmental conditions, many people are looking at their past history and current lives with a new lens. People coming to the clinic are often looking to make sense of feeling different or looking at other people and wondering how others are able to do daily activities so easily.

We offer psychological formulation and diagnosis to help you understand how your strengths and difficulties may, or may not, fit a diagnostic criteria. We can also offer strategy sessions, not therapy per se, and occupational recommendations that are personalised to you to help you maximise your functioning. We believe that being heard and understood are fundamental and key to trusting the outcome of a diagnostic assessment. We do not offer medication.

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